Multi-Wave - Permutation of Average > High Risk Adolescents [TFCE-FWE-Corrected]

Contributed by michaeldemidenko on March 20, 2020

Collection: Cortical and subcortical response to the anticipation of reward in high and average risk-taking adolescents.

Communities: developmental

Description: Non-parametric comparison of activation on MID: Big Win versus Neutral Cue anticipation. Permutation of 5000 for 70subjects, multi-wave stable average risk N = 37, Multi-wave stable High group N = 33. Produced using FSL randomise, Threshold-Free Cluster Enhancement, FWE-correct p < .05, significance is 1 - alpha, e.g, 1 - .05, values > .95 are deemed significant in this parametric assessment. No clusters meet .95 (alpha .05), manuscript presents abstract cut-off of .92 (alpha .08).

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Warning: This map seems to be thresholded, sparse or acquired with limited field of view (87.55% of voxels are zeros). Some of the NeuroVault functions such as decoding might not work properly. Please use unthresholded maps whenever possible.
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