Fig 3. VBM comparison: lvPPA < others | significant clusters

Contributed by relajoie on Aug. 17, 2020

Collection: Association of APOE4 and clinical variability in Alzheimer disease with the pattern of tau- and amyloid-PET

Description: This map shows the significant clusters in a contrast comparing the distribution of grey matter volume across 3 phenotypes using VBM: AD (69), PCA (21), and lvPPA (29). Model controls for age, disease severity (CDR-SoB), and global GM intensity. The spmT map was thresholded using the CAT12 toolbox ( and 2 thresholds were selected: - liberal threshold: uncorrected P < 0.001 at the voxel level combined with FWE-corrected P < 0.05 at the cluster level - stringent threshold: FWE-corrected P < 0.05 at the voxel level Positive values show voxels were PCA < other groups: 1 = liberal threshold only, 2 = stringent threshold only, 3 = both thresholds The corresponding unthresholded spmT map is also available in this neurovault collection. The map can be better appreciated after unselecting the “smooth display” option in settings/viewer preferences.

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