Gene expression decoding of the BERTLMPre25Surprisal statistical map

Limit decoding to : Full brain Subcortex Cortex

Symbol entrez_id Name t p p (corr) Variance explained [%] ± [%]


This map has been compared with gene expression data obtained from Allen Human Brain Atlas. For every gene and each of the six brains donated to the Allen Brain Institute a linear model has been fitted to see how similar they are to the evaluated map. A one sample t test has been used see how consistent the relation between the gene expression and evaluated map values are across the six donated brains. To account for the number of tested genes False Discovery Rate correction has been applied.

Decoding can be performed on the full brain or alternatively to subcortical or cortical areas. This mask is used to limit the datapoints for the subcortical analysis variant and its inverse in the cortical case.

Please cite: Gorgolewski KJ, Fox AS, Chang L et al. Tight fitting genes: finding relations between statistical maps and gene expression patterns. F1000Posters 2014, 5:1607 (poster)