The Power of the Like in Adolescence: Effects of Peer Influence on Neural and Behavioral Responses to Social Media

Description: Thresholded and unthresholded contrasts from analyses described in the paper, Sherman, L.E., Payton, A.A., Hernandez, L.M., Greenfield, P.M., & Dapretto, M. (in press). The power of the “like” in adolescence: Effects of peer influence on neural and behavioral responses to social media. Psychological Science. All thresholded images are shown with a Z > 2.3, cluster corrected for multiple comparisons at p < .05. Contrasts were pre-thresholded using a binary mask consisting of all regions exhibiting greater activation for any type of photograph > fixation in order to restrict whole-brain findings to regions of significant task-related activity (Mask included in this collection) Images without this suffix are unthresholded cope images. Questions or comments: lauren dot sherman at temple dot edu

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Related article DOI10.1177/0956797616645673
Related article authorsL. E. Sherman, A. A. Payton, L. M. Hernandez, P. M. Greenfield and M. Dapretto
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