Comparing the brain structural abnormalities in generalized anxiety disorder, fear-related anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder: A comparative voxel-based meta-analysis

Description: This collection describes the results of a whole-brain coordinate-based VBM meta-analysis of GAD, FAD (including social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and specific phobia) and MDD. Analyses presented here include 9 GAD articles (N=226 patients), 23 FAD articles (N=996 patients) and 46 MDD articles (N=2575 patients). Raw whole-brain t-maps were available for 1 GAD study, 2 FAD (SAD) studies and 1 MDD study. Coordinates and raw maps were entered into Seed-based-d-Mapping (SDM-PSI v6.12). The analyses focused on GMV alterations within GAD, FAD and MDD as well as the comparisons between disorders. Conjunction analysis revealed no overlapping GMV alterations. SDM Z-maps are presented below.

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