Amplified Striatal Responses to Near-Miss Outcomes in Pathological Gamblers

Description: These T-maps describe the main results of a pharmaco-fMRI experiment regarding the brain responses to near-miss events in a slot machine gambling game, in both healthy controls (n = 22) and pathological gamblers (n = 22). Since the pharmacological manipulation (dopamine D2 receptor antagonist sulpiride) did not have any detectable effect on either behavior or brain responses, all T-maps describe results across drug sessions.

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Related article DOI10.1038/npp.2016.43
Related article authorsGuillaume Sescousse, Lieneke K Janssen, Mahur M Hashemi, Monique HM Timmer, Dirk EM Geurts, Niels P ter Huurne, Luke Clark and Roshan Cools
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