The effect of sleep restriction on empathy for pain: An fMRI study in younger and older adults

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AuthorsSandra Tamm, Gustav Nilsonne, Johanna Schwarz, Claus Lamm, Göran Kecklund, Predrag Petrovic, Håkan Fischer, Torbjörn Åkerstedt and Mats Lekander
DescriptionThis collection contains data from the so called "Stockholm Sleepy Brain Study". The specific study investigates the effect of sleep restriction on networks underlying empathy. The fMRI paradigm consisted of 20 pictures of "pain", i.e. hands being stung by a needle and 20 pictures of "no pain", i.e. control stimuli where a hand was poked with a Q-tip.
JournalScientific Reports
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Add DateMarch 2, 2016, 11:02 a.m.