Somatotopic disruption of the functional connectivity of the primary sensorimotor cortex in complex regional pain syndrome type 1

Description: These ROIs in the primary sensorimotor cortex (SM1) are designed to include representation areas of only one anatomically distinct body-part each. The SM1_7R_7L_ROI.nii includes seven adjacent ROIs covering SM1 from its dorsomedial to its ventrolateral parts for both right and left hemisphere. These ROIs should cover in order (starting dorsomedially) the representation areas of 1) the lower limb, 2) torso, 3) upper limb (from the shoulder to the wrist), and then 4-5) two ROIs for the hand and most ventrolaterally 6-7) two ROIs for the lips and face. The SM1_UpperLimbR_ROI.nii and SM1_UpperLimbL_ROI.nii are designed to cover the upper-limb representation areas in the right and left SM1 respectively. These ROIs were created using Mango software ( The locations and extents of ROIs were determined by applying both (1) the mean T1 image of our subject sample (n = 36) and (2) the mean MNI coordinates for the representation areas of sixteen different body parts in Brodmann area 1 (BA1), based on intracranial cortical stimulations in 50 subjects (Roux et al., 2018). The body-part representations in these ROIs were validated with Neurosynth ( The details of the creation of the ROIs are published in a scientific journal (

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