Voxel-based quantification of age

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DescriptionAn independent replication of: Callaghan, M. F., Freund, P., Draganski, B., Anderson, E., Cappelletti, M., Chowdhury, R., ... & Lutti, A. (2014). Widespread age-related differences in the human brain microstructure revealed by quantitative magnetic resonance imaging. Neurobiology of aging, 35(8), 1862-1872. I.e., a voxel-based quantification of the effects of aging on brain microstructure. Our sample is considerably more restricted than Callaghan et al, being clipped from 18-39 years of age (mean age = 23.6 years). Data includes raw t-maps for positive contrast vs age, as well as FWE-peak corrected (p < 0.001 inclusion, non-sphericity corrected) maps. Data from 59 healthy, right handed subjects collected in London.
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