IAPS fMRI dataset - block design with three emotional valence conditions, Hsiao et al., 2024, Brain Imaging and Behavior

Description: This dataset is from Hsiao et al., 2024, Brain Imaging and Behavior. Please cite this paper if any researcher has used this dataset for their studies. This dataset contains neuroimaging data from 56 participants. Among these 56 participants, only 53 participants (sub001-sub053) completed STAI questionnaires. Each participant was instructed to complete an emotional reactivity task in the MRI scanner. A total of 90 emotional scenes were selected from the International Affective Picture System to be used as stimuli in the emotional reactivity task. Within this task, participants were instructed to judge each scene as either indoor or outdoor in a block design paradigm. Each block consisted of six scenes sharing the same valence (i.e., positive, negative, or neutral), with each scene displayed on the screen for a duration of 2.5 seconds, resulting in a total block duration of 15 seconds. Each emotional scene block was then alternated with a fixation block lasting for 15 seconds. Five positive, five neutral, and another five negative emotional blocks were presented in a counterbalanced order across participants. The data is preprocessed by SPM8. Each participant has a beta image for the positive (e.g., sub001_positive.nii.gz), negative (e.g., sub001_negative.nii.gz), and neutral condition (e.g., sub001_neutral.nii.gz). Paper doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2023.07.29.551128

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