Images from experiment 2 of: A comprehensive evaluation of multiband-accelerated sequences and their effects on statistical outcome measures in fMRI.

Description: These images are results from two tasks (a faces/places perception task, and an n-back working memory task), plus resting state data. Each set of three paradigms was repeated on the same subjects using a standard EPI sequence (ST-EPI) and multiband sequences with 2x (MB2) and 3x (acceleration). The TR for the standard sequence was 2s, with a 1s TR for the MB2 sequence and a 0.66s TR for the MB3 sequence. The experiment was also repeated on two different scanner platforms; Scanner 1 is a Siemens Trio (3T) and Scanner 2 is a Siemens Verio (3T). All other parameters were constant (see preprint on biorXiv for full details:

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