Neurosynth Parcellation

Description: Whole Brain Functional Parcellation based on Meta-analytic coactivation using Neurosynth, k=[50,100,200]. All maps are zero-indexed. Here is a rough description of ROIs for n=50 parcellation: 0=anterior MPFC 1=Fusiform/parahippocampus 2=DMPFC 3=Sensorimotor/Postcentral Gyrus 4=V1 5=TPJ posterior supra marginal/angular gyrus 6=PCC/precuneus 7=Thalamus 8=SMA 9=Precentral Gyrus 10=Cerebellum (VI 11=Temporal Occipital Fusiform 12=Amygdala 13=Superior Temporal Gyrus 14 = white matter 15=TPJ anterior supra marginal gyrus/Parietal operculum 16=mid insula 17=putamen 18=Dorsal Anterior Insula 19=PCC/Superior LOC 20=Lateral Occipital/Temporal Occibpital (V2) 22=dACC 23=anterior fronto-parietal (dlpfc, dacc) 24=Intercalcarine cortex 25=Anterior vlpfc 27=Left IFG 28 = hippocampus 29=Dorsal Caudate 30=? 32 = vmPFC 34 = Nacc 35=Primary Auditory 37=Ventral Anterior Insula 39=Superior LOC 42=Cerebellum (Crus) 44=DLPFC 45 =right IFG vlpfc 46=inferior LOC 49 =STS

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