Increased engagement of the cognitive control network associated with music training in children during an fMRI Stroop task

Description: This is an fMRI data set containing several group maps of comparisons among three groups of children (ages 8-10) who performed an fMRI-version of the Color-Word Stroop task. The children were divided into three groups: 14 children with on average 2 years of music training, 14 children with on average 2 years of sports training, and 17 children without any systematic extracurricular training. The Stroop task was presented in a block design, with alternating blocks of incongruent (mismatch between written word and ink color) and congruent (match between written word and ink color) trials. All statistical maps uploaded here are from the incongruent - congruent contrasts.

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Related article DOI10.1371/journal.pone.0187254
Related article authorsMatthew Sachs, Jonas Kaplan, Alissa Der Sarkissian, Assal Habibi and Tom Verguts
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