Data-Driven Extraction of a Nested Model of Human Brain Function

Description: This collection contains the factors derived from our analysis in Bolt et al. (2017) published in Journal of Neuroscience. These factors were derived from a kind of exploratory factor analysis, known as bi-factor analysis. In the factor solution, there is a single general factor and several sub-factors within this general factor. The analysis was conducted on a set of 108 activation maps (i.e. activation from baseline) collected from both the Neurovault database (> 80) and the Human Connectome Project task data. For full details on each of the activation maps, please see Bolt et al. (2017).

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Related article DOI10.1523/JNEUROSCI.0323-17.2017
Related article authorsTaylor Bolt, Jason S. Nomi, B. T. Thomas Yeo and Lucina Q. Uddin
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