Automated Talairach Atlas labels for functional brain mapping

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AuthorsJack L. Lancaster, Marty G. Woldorff, Lawrence M. Parsons, Mario Liotti, Catarina S. Freitas, Lacy Rainey, Peter V. Kochunov, Dan Nickerson, Shawn A. Mikiten and Peter T. Fox
Description***The .xml files associated with this atlas have been modified and are not the same as the ones supplied by FSL. We subtracted 1 from each index value in order to match the convention used in all the other .xml files supplied by FSL.*** Talairach et al. Co-planar stereotaxic atlas of the human brain. Thieme, New York. (1988) Lancaster et al. Bias between MNI and Talairach coordinates analyzed using the ICBM-152 brain template. Human Brain Mapping (in press) (2007) Lancaster et al. Automated Talairach Atlas labels for functional brain mapping. Human Brain Mapping 10:120-131 (2000)
JournalHuman Brain Mapping
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