Intrinsic functional connectivity of the central extended amygdala

Description: Citation: Tillman, R. M., Stockbridge, M. D., Nacewicz, B. M., Torrisi, S., Fox, A. S., Smith, J. F., & Shackman, A. J. (2017). Intrinsic functional connectivity of the central extended amygdala. Human Brain Mapping. Maps were created from a project investigating resting-state functional connectivity of the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and the central nucleus of the amygdala in 130 healthy, racially diverse, community-dwelling adults. We used multiband imaging, high-precision registration techniques, and spatially unsmoothed data to maximize anatomical specificity. We adopted a standard a priori seed-based approach to quantifying intrinsic functional connectivity. For each subject, SPM12 and in-house MATLAB code was used to perform a voxelwise regression between the artifact-attenuated, average seed time series and voxel times series throughout the brain. Single-subject regression analyses were performed using the Cochrane–Orcutt procedure for estimating autoregressive error. In order to identify regions showing consistent functional connectivity with the BST or Ce seeds across subjects, we tested the intercept in regression models, equivalent to a single sample t-test (t>5.47, p<0.05, whole-brain Sidak corrected for 228,48 voxels). A minimum conjunction (Boolean “AND”) was used to identify regions showing significant coupling with both seeds and a paired t-test was used to assess differential functional connectivity. Thresholded and unthresholded statistical maps are provided as well seed regions (both the original 1-mm and decimated to the 2-mm MNI template).

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Related article DOI10.1002/hbm.23917
Related article authorsRachael M. Tillman, Melissa D. Stockbridge, Brendon M. Nacewicz, Salvatore Torrisi, Andrew S. Fox, Jason F. Smith and Alexander J. Shackman
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