Neural networks related to dysfunctional face processing in autism spectrum disorder

Description: We conducted an activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis on neural correlates of face processing in ASD patients. One cluster in the left fusiform gyrus showed significantly reduced activation during face processing in ASD, with FC in the temporo-occipital and lateral occipital cortex, the inferior frontal and parietal cortices, the thalamus and the amygdala. Our findings suggest a disturbed network of occipital regions related primarily to face processing, which interact with inferior frontal as well as limbic regions and may be the core of aberrant face processing in ASD. This dataset was automatically imported from the ANIMA <> database. Version: 1

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Related article DOI10.1007/s00429-014-0791-z
Related article authorsThomas Nickl-Jockschat, Claudia Rottschy, Johanna Thommes, Frank Schneider, Angela R. Laird, Peter T. Fox and Simon B. Eickhoff
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