Subspecialization within default mode nodes characterized in 10,000 UK Biobank participants

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AuthorsJulius M. Kernbach, B. T. Thomas Yeo, Jonathan Smallwood, Daniel S. Margulies, Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, Henrik Walter, Mert R. Sabuncu, Avram J. Holmes, Alexandre Gramfort, Gaël Varoquaux, Bertrand Thirion and Danilo Bzdok
DescriptionTopographical atlas of the DMN which delineates subdivisions within the major DMN nodes (Bzdok et al., 2016; Bzdok et al., 2015; Bzdok et al., 2013b; Eickhoff et al., 2016; Ray et al., 2015). This collection of target locations comprised 4 subregions in the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex (dmPFC) and 6 subregions in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC), 4 subregions in the posteromedial cingulate cortex (PMC), 4 subregions in the left and right temporoparietal junction (TPJ), as well as 8 subregions in the left and right hippocampus.
JournalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
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