Self-reference as a powerful distractor

Description: This collection includes the unthresholded maps obtained from a study looking at relationships between inhibitory control and ones tendency for self-referential cognition, objectively measured through the magnitude of the self-reference effect (SRE). The collection includes maps obtained for 1) 2 localiser scans: a)no go trials > go trials in a Go/No-go paradigm, b)self > other in a self-referential localiser task) used to select ROI for the subsequent seed based analyses, 2) Clusters more coupled to the inhibitory control ROI in individuals with a) reduced memory for self-items b) reduced magnitude of the self-reference effect 3) The FC group map of the cluster obtained in 2b related to reduced SRE. 4) Cluster more coupled to the self-referential ROI in individuals with better inhibitory control 5) The FC group maps of the cluster obtained in 4 6)A conjunction analyses of the FC maps in 3 and 5

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