Meta-analytic network parcellation based on Laird et al. (2011)

Description: Whole-brain parcellation, according to the meta-analytic network components from Laird et al. (2011). As these networks were delineated via ICA, some overlap was present between component maps. This overlap was resolved by a combination of proportional thresholding and manual editing, performed with the Mango image analysis tool (v. 4.0.1,; Lancaster et al., 2011, 2012). Resultant networks include 'limbic', 'orbitofrontal', 'basal ganglia', 'salience', 'hunger', 'motor learning', 'frontoparietal', 'hand', 'motor execution', 'higher order visual', 'lateral visual', 'medial visual', 'default mode',' cerebellum', 'left central executive', 'auditory', 'mouth', and 'right central executive', per the introductory paper.

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