The integration of negative affect, pain and cognitive control in the cingulate cortex

Description: Whole-brain meta-analytic (ALE) analysis of the databases featured in Shackman, A. J., Salomons, T. V., Slagter, H. A., Fox, A. S., Winter, J. J. & Davidson, R. J. (2011). The integration of negative affect, pain and cognitive control in the cingulate cortex. Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 12, 154-167. [PMC3044650] Available at Data were re-analyzed using Sleuth 2.3 in March 2015. In contrast to the analyses reported in our 2011 paper, here we incorporated peaks from throughout the brain, enabling a whole-brain analysis. One study (Lee et al 2007; BMapID 7080243) was retroactively dropped from the Brainmap database and was excluded from the negative affect re-analysis. One error in the cognitive control database was corrected. Specifically, the y-coordinates for the 2 final peaks reported by Garavan et al 2002 (BMapID 30,348, exp=2) were flipped. Analyses were based on Sleuth work files that were manually re-generated in Spring 2015. The new work files were carefully inspected to ensure that, with the 2 exceptions noted above, they exactly matched those detailed in our 2011 paper.

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