Associations between longitudinal trajectories of social and cognitive activities and brain health in old age

Description: Group-level statistical maps for voxel-wise analyses of grey matter volume, white matter microstructure and resting-state functional connectivity, as detailed in Anatürk et al. (under review). For a detailed key of the images, please see the Supplementary Materials. The types of images currently available are: _FWER_corr_p_tstat_ = unthresholded images with FWER corrected p-values (Note: 1-p images, therefore please threshold to 0.95 in Neurovault to see results significant at a p < 0.05 level). SOC_{outcome}_{analysis}_{contrast} = images containing t-statistics for social activities. COG_{model}_{outcome}_{analysis}_{contrast} = images containing t-statistics for cognitive activities.

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