Patients with autism spectrum disorders display reproducible functional connectivity alterations

Description: T-maps for the 4 Autism Spectrum Disorder cohorts contrasting to typically developing controls

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Related article DOI10.1126/scitranslmed.aat9223
Related article authorsŠtefan Holiga, Joerg F. Hipp, Christopher H. Chatham, Pilar Garces, Will Spooren, Xavier Liogier D’Ardhuy, Alessandro Bertolino, Céline Bouquet, Jan K. Buitelaar, Carsten Bours, Annika Rausch, Marianne Oldehinkel, Manuel Bouvard, Anouck Amestoy, Mireille Caralp, Sonia Gueguen, Myriam Ly-Le Moal, Josselin Houenou, Christian F. Beckmann, Eva Loth, Declan Murphy, Tony Charman, Julian Tillmann, Charles Laidi, Richard Delorme, Anita Beggiato, Alexandru Gaman, Isabelle Scheid, Marion Leboyer, Marc-Antoine d’Albis, Jeff Sevigny, Christian Czech, Federico Bolognani, Garry D. Honey and Juergen Dukart
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