Comparing the functional neural activation in induced and pathological anxiety

Description: This collection describes the results of a whole-brain coordinate-based fMRI meta-analysis of induced and pathological anxiety. Analyses presented here include 139 articles in total - induced anxiety (18 articles, N=693 healthy participants), and pathological anxiety for emotional paradigms (121 articles, N=2554 patients and N=2348 controls). Anxiety induction is conducted mostly via threat-of-shock, and pathological anxiety spans 5 disorders (post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and specific phobia). Coordinates were used for 126 articles, and full T-maps were collected from 11 articles. They were entered into Seed-based-d-Mapping (SDM-PSI v6.12). The analyses focuses on the neural functional activation in induced anxiety and how it compares with the one of a- pathological anxiety in general, and b-each anxiety disorder in particular. SDM Z-maps are presented below, both for the main FWHM 20mm analysis and the complementary FWHM 10mm analysis.

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