Neural activations during self-related processing in patients with chronic pain and effects of a brief self-compassion training – a pilot study

Description: In this study, twenty patients with chronic low back pain read negative self-related situations and were instructed to be either self-reassuring or self-critical while undergoing fMRI scanning. Patients rated their feelings of self-reassurance and self-criticism during each condition, and brain responses were contrasted with neutral instructions. Trait self-compassion measures (SCS) were also acquired. Patients then completed a brief self-compassion training (8 contact hours, 3.5 hours at home) and repeated the same assessments following training.

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Related article DOI10.1016/j.pscychresns.2020.111155
Related article authorsJacqueline Lutz, Michael P. Berry, Vitaly Napadow, Christopher Germer, Susan Pollak, Paula Gardiner, Robert R. Edwards, Gaelle Desbordes and Zev Schuman-Olivier
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