Meta-analytical definition and functional connectivity of the human vestibular cortex

Description: We used activation likelihood estimation (ALE) with all available and suitable PET and fMRI studies employing a vestibular stimulus. Most consistently across 28 experiments vestibular stimuli evoked activity in the right hemispheric parietal opercular area OP 2 implicating it as the core region for vestibular processing. A subsequent functional connectivity analysis, using these result as a seeding point, confirmed direct connections of OP 2 with every other region found in the meta-analysis, in particular temporo-parietal regions, premotor cortex, and the midcingulate gyrus. We conclude that the cytoarchitectonic area OP 2 in the parietal operculum, embedded in a joint vestibular network, should be the primary candidate for the human vestibular cortex. This dataset was automatically imported from the ANIMA <> database. Version: 1

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