Introspective Minds: Using ALE Meta-Analyses to Study Commonalities in the Neural Correlates of Emotional Processing, Social & Unconstrained Cognition

Description: We present results of quantitative meta-analyses of neuroimaging studies, which confirm a statistical convergence in the neural correlates of social and resting state cognition. By using conjunction analyses across studies investigating social cognition, resting state, and emotion, we demonstrate significant overlap of task-related signal change in dorso-medial prefrontal and medial parietal cortex, brain regions that have recently been linked to introspective abilities. This dataset was automatically imported from the ANIMA <> database. Version: 2

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Related article DOI10.1371/journal.pone.0030920
Related article authorsLeonhard Schilbach, Danilo Bzdok, Bert Timmermans, Peter T. Fox, Angela R. Laird, Kai Vogeley, Simon B. Eickhoff and Carles Soriano-Mas
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