Blunted Reward Prediction Error Signals in Internet Gaming Disorder

Description: Original statistical maps of all comparisons in the manuscript. The image file 'thresholded_pRPE_HC_miuns_IGD.nii' is a t contrast fMRI map thresholded at uncorrected voxel-level p < 0.001 and cluster size ≥ 20 voxels. Corresponding to Figure 2A in the manuscript. The files 'unthresholded_nRPE_HC_miuns_IGD.nii', 'unthresholded_pRPEHC_miuns_IGD.nii', and 'unthresholded_rewardeffect_HC_miuns_IGD.nii' are unthresholded t maps corrpesponding to control vs. cases contrasts on –RPE, +RPE, and reward effect, respectively.

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