Cohen's d Confidence Sets Results

Description: In this repository, we share all of the Human Connectome Project results maps used in the manuscript Spatial Confidence Sets for Standardized Effect Size Images (Bowring, Telschow, Schwartzman, Nichols; 2020). Images are named using the following format: The 'Algorithm 1 LowerConfidenceInterval c05' image is the (blue) lower CS map obtained for the targetted Cohen's d effect size c = 0.5 using Algorithm. 1 as described in the manuscript; the 'Algorithm 3 MiddleConfidenceInterval c12' image is the (yellow) point estimate map obtained for the targetted Cohen's d effect size c = 1.2 using Algorithm. 3. etc. Finally, the 'SnPM filtered' image is the thresholded (p < 0.05 FWE; obtained via permutation) statistical results map from applying a group-level one sample t-test to the 80 subjects' data.

Some of the images in this collection are missing crucial metadata.
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