Association of heart rate variability with functional connectivity in epilepsy

Description: Statistical maps presented in paper "Altered relationship between heart rate variability and fMRI-based functional connectivity in people with epilepsy" (Kassinopoulos et al. 2021). Figure 2 : Association of regional BOLD fluctuations with changes in heart rate at the group level. Statistical map of one-sample t-test considering patients and controls (n=44), thresholded with a voxel-wise threshold of family-wise error (FWE) rate p < 0.05 corrected for multiple comparisons using the random-field theory (Worsley et al., 1996). * Related file: ttest1_HR_all_subjects.nii.gz Figure 5: Differences in seed-based FC between low and high LF-HRV state with seeds placed in the (top panel) right caudal temporal thalamus and (bottom panel) left posterior parietal thalamus. The first and second rows of each panel show the fisher-transformed correlations average across all healthy controls and epilepsy patients, respectively. Red color indicates higher (towards positive values) connectivity with the seed region in high LF-HRV state whereas blue color indicates lower connectivity. The last row of each panel shows the two-sample t-test thresholded at p < 0.001 (uncorrected). Even though no significant differences were found between the two groups after correcting for multiple comparison (FWE; p < 0.05), the differences observed with p < 0.001 (uncorrected) are consistent with the results obtained with the analysis in the atlas space (Fig. 3-Fig.4) where the spatial autocorrelation between voxels of the same parcel are implicitly taken into account. * Related files: 1) r_LF_HRV_epilepsy_post_pariet_thal_left.nii.gz; 2) r_LF_HRV_healthy_post_pariet_thal_left.nii.gz; 3) ttest2_diff_LF_HRV_post_pariet_thal_left.nii.gz; 4) r_LF_HRV_epilepsy_caud_temp_thal_left.nii.gz; 5) r_LF_HRV_healthy_caud_temp_thal_left.nii.gz; 6) ttest2_diff_LF_HRV_caud_temp_thal_left.nii.gz.

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