Associations between ghrelin and leptin and neural food cue reactivity in a fasted and sated state

Description: Abbreviations: FNF = Food versus non-food contrast HCLC = High- versus low-calorie contrast H = Scans MRI visit hunger/fasted state S = Scans MRI visit sated state BMI = Model includes BMI as covariate HOMA = Model includes HOMA-IR as covariate Ghrelin = Ghrelin measured at t=55 (prior to scanning) on accompanied scansession SDeltaGHrelin = Meal induced ghrelin difference (T=55 minus T=0) at the sated MRI visit Leptin = Leptin measured at t=0 (start of session) at the fasted MRI visit pos = positive correlations neg = negative correlations

Communities: nutritional

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Related article authorsMirjam C.M. Wever, Floor van Meer, Lisette Charbonnier, Daniel R. Crabtree, William Buosi, Angeliki Giannopoulou, Odysseas Androutsos, Alexandra M. Johnstone, Yannis Manios, Claire L. Meek, Jens J. Holst and Paul A.M. Smeets
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