Conjunction Map of (Value-based RT > Perceptual RT) & (Memory hits > correct rejections)

Contributed by abakkour on Nov. 1, 2017

Collection: The hippocampus supports deliberation during value based decisions

Description: This is a conjunction map of two contrasts involving three tasks: 1) value-based decisions task: 60 food items for which value was pre-determined using an auction procedure were paired. The difference in values between the two foods in a pair varied from trial-to-trial. Participants were asked to choose the food they wanted to eat. 2) perceptual decisions task: a dynamic display of flickering dots that were either yellow or blue. The proportion of yellow to blue dots varied from trial to trial. Participants were asked to determine whether there were more yellow or blue dots. 3) memory recognition task. 100 old and 100 new neutral objects were presented. Participants were asked to respond old or new. The 100 old objects were encoded two days prior. The encoding phase involved rating the 100 objects on how much the participant liked that object. In all three tasks, choices and reaction time (RT) were recorded. This map is the conjunction of two contrast maps: i) Value-based RT > Perceptual RT ii) Memory Hits > Correct Rejections

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