Pre-pump vs. Pre-cashout Searchlight Classification Results

Contributed by shelfins on Jan. 21, 2016

Collection: Predicting risky choices from brain activity patterns

Description: Searchlight map with classification accuracy for discriminating between pre-cashout and pre-pump trials matched for risk level. Thresholded at accuracy > 60%; cluster-corrected to p < .05. This map is the result from an MVPA searchlight analyses classifying stat maps as being from pre-pump or pre-cashout trials. The value at each voxel represents the % accuracy classification using a searchlight centered at that voxel.

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Warning: This map seems to be thresholded, sparse or acquired with limited field of view (98.84% of voxels are zeros). Some of the NeuroVault functions such as decoding might not work properly. Please use unthresholded maps whenever possible.
Field Value
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