Choice periods of NSC versus SC trials

Contributed by lnvdlaan on Jan. 21, 2016

Collection: Sweet lies: neural, visual, and behavioral measures reveal a lack of self-control conflict during food choice in weight-concerned women

Description: To investigate response conflict during food choice participants were required to choose between pairs of HE and LE snacks matched such (on the basis of their own tastiness ratings given in the first session) that either a self-control dilemma was posed or not. In half of the trials, LE snacks were combined with HE snacks rated two or three points higher on tastiness [Self-Control required (SC) trials], posing a self-control dilemma concerning the trade-off between immediate eating enjoyment (choosing the appealing HE snack) and weight watching intentions (choosing the less appealing LE snack). In the other half of the trials, the LE and HE snacks were matched on tastiness [equal or ±1 point in tastiness rating; No Self-Control required (NSC) trials], such that no trade-off between eating enjoyment and weight watching intentions was needed to choose the long-term superior LE snack. Two conditions were modeled: the choice periods of the SC trials and the choice periods of the NSC trials. A contrast of NSC minus SC trials was calculated. To determine whether the anterior cingulate shows differential activation for NSC and SC trials, the contrast images were entered into a one-sample t-test.

Tags: self-control dietary restraint food choice

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