Neural tracking of change in prosocial decision biases

Contributed by AnneSaulin on Sept. 18, 2019

Collection: complex_motivations

Description: In the task, participants chose in each trial between a prosocial and an egoistic choice option. They performed this decision task after either activation of the reciprocity motive (reciprocity condition) or after activation of the reciprocity as well as the empathy motive (multi-motive condition). The T-map shows the results of a second-level regression of the neural contrast prosocial choices multi-motive > reciprocity and the individual increase in prosocial decision tendencies (increase in z-parameter resulting from drift-diffusion modelling analyses of the rt-choice data).

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Warning: This map seems to be thresholded, sparse or acquired with limited field of view (86.69% of voxels are zeros). Some of the NeuroVault functions such as decoding might not work properly. Please use unthresholded maps whenever possible.
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