MNI Rhesus Macaque Atlas

Contributed by ChrisFiloGorgolewski on Oct. 24, 2016

Collection: An MRI based average macaque monkey stereotaxic atlas and space (MNI monkey space)

Description: The rhesus macaque average atlas is comprised of 7 T1-weighted MRIs of normal young adult rhesus macaque brains. This atlas is not based on a single subject but instead is an average constructed from the averaged position, orientation and scale from all the individual subjects and is representative of both the intensities and spatial positioning of anatomical structures. The rhesus atlas was created via the macaque atlas (see Macaque for details). By averaging the voxel intensities of the 7 rhesus MRI which were resampled in MNI macaque space, a mean intensity image is created. The deformations for these 7 animals were also averaged together, inverted, and then applied to the mean intensity image to create the unbiased standard rhesus macaque monkey MRI template brain atlas.

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