Main effect of feedback

Contributed by lisaschreuders on Oct. 28, 2019

Collection: Ventral striatum activity when winning versus losing rewards for best friends

Description: 2 (feedback) x 2 (friendship type) x 2 (time point) ANOVA. "Feedback" has 2 levels: win and lose; "Friendship type" has 2 levels: stable and unstable; "Time point" has 3 levels: time point (T) 1, T2, and T3; fMRI task: Participants played a heads-or-tails gambling game in which they had to guess which side of a coin would be chosen by the computer by pressing a button with their right index or middle finger. Chances of winning on each trial were 50%. A trial started with a screen showing how many coins could be won or lost (4000 ms) followed by a fixation screen (1000 ms). Next, participants were shown a feedback screen, which revealed whether they won or lost coins (1500 ms). The trial ended with a jittered fixation screen (1000–13200 ms).

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