NADs P(A)-modulated activity vs implicit baseline

Contributed by jorpella on July 11, 2021

Collection: Language statistical learning responds to reinforcement learning principles rooted in the striatum

Description: Fig 4. Brain regions related to changes in the predictive value of the initial word of each phrase in the NADs block vs. implicit baseline (i.e., NADs P(A)-modulated activity vs. implicit baseline). Activity in the Basal ganglia (bilateral caudate nuclei, putamen, and ventral striatum) and in the left posterior superior temporal gyrus (STG) was modulated the trial-by-trial development of predictions (P(A)) as estimated by the TD model (contrast: NADs P(A) - Baseline). Results are reported for clusters FWE-corrected at p < 0.001 at the cluster level (minimum cluster size = 20; p<0.001 uncorrected at the voxel level). Neurological convention is used with MNI coordinates shown at the bottom right of each slice.

Tags: statistical learning reinforcement learning

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