BOLD Response to Beverage intake as a function of repeated consumption

Contributed by burgerks on Aug. 14, 2017

Collection: Frontostriatal and behavioral adaptations to daily sugar-sweetened beverage intake: a randomized controlled trial

Description: In the referred to paper, Individual-level T-maps were constructed for comparison of activation in response to juice receipt and logo-elicited anticipation. These individual contrasts were entered into 2nd-level flexible factorial models, accounting for the between/within-subject nature of the data. However, while a test of a time-by-condition interaction provides data on whether there is a simultaneous effect of these conditions, one cannot determine the directionally of effects or relative impact of each condition without pair-wise comparisons. As such, to probe interactions with a priori hypotheses, positive and negative time-by-condition interactions were tested and the results were saved as a masks (P < 0.05) and then were apply as a filter to the results from a priori paired sample T-tests. This is a the within-subject T-Test

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