Midfrontal beta oscillations

Contributed by johannes.algermissen on Oct. 1, 2021

Collection: Biased credit assignment in motivational learning biases arises through prefrontal influences on striatal learning

Description: Parametric regressor: trial-by-trial frontal (t-weighted mean of channels Cz/ FCz/ Fz) beta oscillations (300–1,250 ms relative to outcome onset, 13 - 30 Hz) measured using scalp EEG. This beta response is significantly higher for positive outcomes (rewards/ no punishments) than negative outcomes (no rewards/ punishments). This regressor is added on top of GLM2 regressors (featuring 8 outcome x response regressors plus standard prediction errors and the difference term to biased prediction errors), yielding GLM3C. Motivational Go/NoGo task (Swart et al., 2017; 2018; van Nuland et al., 2020).

Tags: reward learning eeg midfrontal beta oscillations

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