Comparison of mental disorders: BPD greater MDD

Contributed by Lars_Schulze on April 20, 2018

Collection: Neural correlates of affective disturbances. A comparative meta-analysis of negative affect processing in borderline personality disorder, major depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder

Description: Enhanced activations in patients with BPD compared to patients with MDD (BPD > MDD). Results are thresholded at at p<.005 & k>20. Note, here we provide all clusters differing between patient groups, whereas the manuscript focuses on clusters overlapping with the general group differences (with similar meaning to the F in an ANOVA).

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Warning: This map seems to be thresholded, sparse or acquired with limited field of view (99.83% of voxels are zeros). Some of the NeuroVault functions such as decoding might not work properly. Please use unthresholded maps whenever possible.
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