Contributed by ilykim on May 1, 2018

Collection: ilykim's temporary collection

Description: Uploaded images are the result of testing the hypothesis "(Certain) brain regions' activation will change between early and late session during cognitive control task performance". This is one of my several hypotheses included in my research that ultimately explores the neural basis/mechanisms of practice effect on executive function, or behavioral improvement. MSIT is cognitive control task that tests successful inhibitory control in Incongruent condition and as control, there is congruent condition which measures simple motor speed. Therefore, beta estimates are extracted by contrasting two conditions [Incong > Cong]. This task was conducted during fMRI, and preprocessed and statistically tested with SPM12. At first level, contrast map for each subject (n=57), and for each session (early, late) were calculated, respectively, thereby extracting 114(57 x 2) images in total. Next, at second level, I did paired t-test testing the change between early vs late map. As covariates, I included age, sex, and behavioral measure (RT).

Tags: cognitive control executive function practice effect msit

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