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8703 Fig 2a - Questions [Bio > Phys] Learning biographical knowledge for faces
550242 Action Memory Biased credit assignment in motivational learning biases arises through prefrontal influences on striatal learning Go actions (irrespective of left vs. right) minus Go actions at the time people receive an outcome. This is GLM2. The GLM contains the following 13 regressors: 1-8) 8 regressors crossing the performed action (Go/ NoGo) with the obtained outcome (reward/ no reward = neutral/ no punishment = neutral/ punishment). At the time of outcomes. 9) Left hand response. At the time of responses. 10) Right hand response. At the time of responses. 11) Incorrect response. At the time of responses. 12) Outcome Onset (any outcome). At the time of outcomes. 13) Invalid outcomes (non-instructed key pressed, returning error message). At the time of outcomes. This contrast is based on the first 8 regressors, taking all 4 Go regressors minus all 4 NoGo regressors (note that all regressors at the times of outcomes). Motivational Go/NoGo task (Swart et al., 2017; 2018; van Nuland et al., 2020).
65641 pDMN_APOEe4_ROI Increased posterior default mode network activity and structural connectivity in young adult APOE-ε4 carriers: a multi-modal imaging investigation
772990 Main effect of autobiographical memory retrieval Neural differences between dispositional and situational episodic counterfactual thoughts
43849 Reward prediction error modulation by memory encoding Episodic Memory Encoding Interferes with Reward Learning and Decreases Striatal Prediction Errors BOLD correlates of the interaction between reward prediction error and memory encoding success. RPE is signed, from -1 to 1; memory encoding success is coded from -2 to 2, representing 24-hour-later memory for both incidental stimuli.
567 UCLA episodic memory jbrown81's temporary collection A map of BOLD activation during events that were successfully remembered vs those that were not