living/nonliving judgment on mirror-reversed and plain-text words

The following images must be tagged to be included in the tree A task001_009_mr_vs_plain.nii.gz - A task001_010_switch_vs_nonswitch_mronly.nii.gz - A task001_004_pl_ns.nii.gz - A task001_005_junk.nii.gz - A task001_002_mr_ns.nii.gz - A task001_001_mr_sw.nii.gz - A task001_007_switch_vs_nonswitch_plainonly.nii.gz - A task001_008_switch_vs_nonswitch.nii.gz - A task001_003_pl_sw.nii.gz - B task001 cope01 mr sw - B task001 cope02 mr ns - B task001 cope03 pl sw - B task001 cope04 pl ns - B task001 cope05 junk - B task001 cope07 switch vs nonswitch plainonly - B task001 cope08 switch vs nonswitch - B task001 cope09 mr vs plain - B task001 cope10 switch vs nonswitch mronly -

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