The Impact of Parental Praise and Criticism on the Adolescent Brain

Description: This dataset contains data on a task in which adolescents performed the parental social feedback task. The aim of this specific study was to elucidate adolescents’ affective and neural responses to parental praise and criticism, assessed with a task including positive, negative and intermediate social feedback. Secondly, we aimed to examine if (in)consistency of feedback with adolescents’ own self-views and their general self-view impacts adolescents’ affective and neural responses to such feedback. Third, we aimed to explore whether individual differences in adolescents’ perceived parental warmth and criticism in daily life moderate adolescents’ affective and neural responses. While in the scanner, adolescents received standardized social feedback supposedly provided by their mother or father in the form of appraisals about their personality (e.g., ‘respectful’ or ‘lazy’). After each feedback word, adolescents reported their mood. Additionally, adolescents had rated whether these feedback words matched their self-views on an earlier occasion.

Communities: developmental
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