Interactions Between Methodological and Interindividual variability: How Monetary Incentive Delay (MID) Task Contrast Maps Vary and Affect Associations with Behavior.

Description: Contrasts maps (10) of activation in Monetary Incentive Delay task. Preregistration: 1. Anticipation Win vs Neutral 2. Anticipation Big Win vs Neutral 3. Anticipation Big Win vs Small Win 4. Anticipation Big Win vs Implicit Baseline (e.g. mean signal) 5. Anticipation Big Lose vs Neutral 6. Feedback Big Win Hit vs Neutral Hit 7. Feedback Lose Big Hit vs Neutral Hit 8. Win [$5 + $0.20] Expected Value 9. Positive Prediction Error [$5 + $0.20 Reward Hit] 10. Negative Prediction Error [$5 + $0.20 Reward Miss]

Communities: developmental
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