Meta-analysis of equal probability Go/NoGo tasks (Thresholded ALE image)

Contributed by Masharipov on Oct. 24, 2019

Collection: Non-selective response inhibition in Go/NoGo task: Bayesian analysis of fMRI data

Description: ALE Meta-analysis included 20 fMRI studies (452 healthy subjects, mean age of 29 years, 210 foci). The contrast of interest “Go/NoGo > Go-control” within a group of healthy subjects. The meta-analysis was aimed at identifying the brain structures that may be associated with response inhibition and that were previously revealed using equal probability Go/NoGo tasks comparable to the present study. We were searching for papers that, like the paper by Criaud et al. (2017), compared the neuronal activity in the condition of equiprobable Go- and NoGo-stimuli presentation with the control Go-condition, wherein the subject did not need to inhibit prepared action. The meta-analysis was conducted using GingerALE 3.0.2 software with a cluster-forming threshold of 0.001 (uncorrected) and a cluster-level threshold of 0.05 corrected for family-wise error (FWE). All the coordinates were converted into Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) space. The median full width at half maximum (FWHM) value of Gaussian function was set at a level of 13.5 mm.

Tags: meta-analysis action restraint no-go inhibitory control equal probability go/nogo response inhibition

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