Knight Ongoing Trial > Uncontaminated Ongoing Trial

Contributed by luciamawe on Nov. 9, 2019

Collection: Sustained and transient processes in event-based prospective memory in adolescence and adulthood

Communities: developmental

Description: In the Ongoing task, participants had to indicate whether the triangle was left or right of the other shape using the left and right keys. On Colour prospective memory (PM) trials, both shapes were the same colour (salient cue condition), and participants had to press a third key. On Knight PM trials, both shapes were a knight move away (non-salient cue condition) and participants had to press the third key. On X trials, participants had to indicate whether the X’s were shown along the horizontal or vertical axis. Participants performed three runs of the ongoing task (OT). The first run was uncontaminated. In the second and third runs the OT was contaminated with colour and knight PM trials. The order of these two runs was counterbalanced across participants.

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